Rick Mein

  • • Hometown: Walnut, Kansas
  • • Gun: Krieghoff K-80
  • • Preferred Shells: Bornaghi and Federals

A successful competitor across many shotgun disciplines, Rick has won numerous national and international awards. He is known for his consistency and positive attitude. Rick has two sons: Derrick, who also shoots, and Trenton, an avid golfer. 
Rick is from a little town in southeast Kansas called Walnut. He grew up on a farm and still farms for a living.
As a kid growing up on a farm, he had plenty of chances to fine tune his shooting skills.
First with a BB gun, then a pellet gun, then a 22, then a shotgun.
It wasn't until he was 40 years old that I started shooting competitively. He first shot sporting clays, a few trap shoots, a flyer shoot or two, and then he found ZZs...
He's had great success shooting Helice!

  • He is a 4 X and current National Champion 
  • Placed 4th in the world championships this year in Argentina
  • Bronze medal in Gedhi, Italy in 2004.
  • He has made the  United States Helice Team  Almost every year since 2004!
  • He has won numerous team medals 3 silvers and 1 gold medal in those years.

In his words:
My gun of choice is a Krieghoff K-80, which I am very proud of. I have a custom stock on it made by Wenig Gunstocks of Lincoln, Missouri. It is made out of Birdseye Maple and I get a lot of comments on it.
If anyone hasn't tried ZZ's by now, I encourage you to do so. 
They are the most difficult of all the shotgun sports; he says that's what makes them so interesting.
If you beat a ZZ, then you know you have done something! They are very challenging, but OHHHH the satisfaction of smashing one to smithereens!