• • Hometown: Stockton, CA
  • • Gun: Perazzi MX 2000
  • • Preferred Shells: Bornaghi (3 and 3-1/4 dram)

Jen's dad got her involved in shooting when she was very young. They started shooting as a family, and by the time she was 13, her dad was intrigued by Helice and building a Helice Ring in Stockton. Ofcourse she was just as intrigued by Helice as her father, and has continually been intrigued by it every time she shoots.
When she's not shooting, she sings in the Chamber Choir at St. Mary's High School, or helps her dad and brother at the go kart track. Jen is currently an amazing teacher for 5th grade.
Some of my shooting accomplishments include: US team two years, US Lady National Champion 2013 and 2014, and 2009 Solverde Cup Ladies Champion.
There are many things she loves about Helice, but primarily Jen likes the challenge of the sport. She says she feels Helice challenges her every time she steps on the station, and it challenges her differently each time.
The second thing she really likes about Helice is the people it has introduced her to. Because there are many amazing people she has met thanks to Helice. And we can all vouch for being greatful to have met Jen!
She's always quick with a smile, positivity and encouragement.

My favorite place to shoot would have to be the Ring at Stockton at the Waterloo Gun and Bocci Club.
The farthest I have traveled is Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Bologna, Italy.

Jennifer Paul

USHA Board Member